Online university exam tips and tricks for students

Are you suffering from stress due to online exam anxiety? You may be wondering what an online exam is, and how does it work.

As universities adapt to the pandemic and students adjust to it, online exams have replaced in-person exams. Although online exams can be more stressful than regular exams due to technology being used, they can also be easier to prepare for and create a more calm environment than regular exams.

What is an internet exam?

An online exam is an online test which a candidate takes to gauge their knowledge about a subject. This is done using an online exam platform that candidates can access remotely.

Online examinations often include answer processing modules. These allow the markers to issue grades or results as soon as the candidates have completed the test. This fully automated exam system allows for faster and more efficient presentation of final results.

Candidates are required to answer the questions within a time limit when taking an online test. When the online examination is finished, the test window will close and institutions will receive real-time reporting. If there is a multiple-choice online exam, the markers evaluate the answers first, and then grade according to their assessment.

For online examinations with long-answer type questions, where the results are not automatically generated, the markers evaluate the essay answers and grade the candidates accordingly. The final results, along with grades, are then combined and sent to all candidates via email or on the respective institution’s website.

What does it take to pass online exams?

Online exams work by having examiners set up the online testing environment, and then upload the question sets onto the website where the online exam takes place.

You can upload the entire information about candidates taking the online test, as well as the time slots you choose, and then send the link to them via email.

The process may vary from one institution to another, but candidates must use this link to log-in and follow a three step authentication to access their online exam.

Online exams are usually recorded and can be closely supervised for important final-year examinations by using an artificial intelligence based invigilator, or a traditional internet human invigilator.

After candidates submit answers, the online exams are auto-evaluated and generated a report. The candidates can personalize the final results and grades to be shared in HTML or PDF formats. The final online examinations can then be analyzed in detail by group members and tailored as required by examiners.

How to prepare yourself for online exams

  1. Exam guidelines online are available.

The guidelines for online exams are essential to your success. The online exam will be held at a specific time and date. You can also check if it is possible to take the online exam anytime during the same time period.

Also, make sure to understand how long it takes to complete the online exam. Take the exam in your home or at a different location like a campus computer lab. Make sure you also pay attention any other information given by an examiner about a specific online exam structure.

Is procrastinating a problem with exam revision? We have compiled our top tips on how you can stop procrastinating to focus better on tasks.

  1. Be familiar with the format of your exam paper

Inform yourself about the format and questions of the online exam you will be taking.

If an examiner offers a practice test, ensure you take it. This will allow you to practice for the online exam.

  1. Double-check the technology

To avoid any last-minute surprises, no matter where you take the online exam, be sure to verify that your computer/laptop is working before you begin.

Make sure that you have the proper software and hardware. You also need to ensure that your internet connection, whether it is Wi-Fi or cable, works smoothly without any stuttering.

It is vital that you carefully study the lecture notes given by the examiners. Even though the exam is online, you should still study and revise the material so that you can easily find the information.

  1. Practice online papers

Prepare for the online exam by planning your time. If you are practicing your timing skills on an online practice exam, make sure to limit your time to the same amount as the one allocated for your actual exam.

This will allow you to decide how much time you will devote to each question.

However, the institution may allow you to skip a difficult answer and bring it back before the end of the online test. This is to ensure that you don’t waste time answering difficult questions and miss out on later ones.

There are many apps that will help you study and practice your questions. Here’s a guide to the top seven apps we recommend for students studying during exams.

  1. Find the most suitable setting to take your exam

It is essential that you sit in a quiet room when taking the online test. This could be your bedroom or your study space. It is important that you completely turn off all notifications from your mobile devices such as your smartphone or tablet and to silence the television and radio.

Inform your roommates and flat mates as well as family members that you are taking an exam online. It is crucial that they not disturb your concentration or distract you.

Depending on the time and date of the online exam set, choose the best time for you to take it. Although you might be required to take the online exam at a given time, you can still choose the time that works best for your needs.

Exams can be stressful. You need to make sure that you are taking care of your mental health and finding time to relax. You can find helpful tips on how University students can take care of their mental health here.

  1. Get all the material you will need to pass the exam.

Take the online exam with you and be well organized. Keep all your materials handy, including personal notes, books and/or written key information.

Eating the right foods ahead of time is also crucial to ensure that you feel energized and well-fueled for your exam. You can find our blog about the best brain foods for students if you are interested in finding out more.

Once you’ve logged in to the online test, you need to be relaxed, focused and calm.

Although online exams can seem daunting at the beginning, once you are prepared they can be far less stressful than in person exams and can allow you to concentrate with fewer distractions.

These exam tips will help you calm down and get prepared for your university exam.

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